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Little Theater

Little theater (ages 5-9) is an introduction to drama and music.  Group activities are designed to teach students simple acting techniques and music harmonies.  Any play selected for this level is customized to meet the skills, experience and comfort level of each child.  Students are involved in creating simple sets and costumes.  Past plays include Charlie Brown, The Pied Piper, and The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf.

Middle Theater

Middle Theater (ages 9-12) is for intermediate drama students interested in furthering their acting and singing skills.  Students are responsible for learning lines of more serious works, such as Annie, Big River, and Fiddler On the Roof.  They are also involved in set construction and costuming.  Experienced 9-year olds may qualify for this theater.

Teen Theater

Teen Theater (ages 12 and up) is an advanced program for serious drama students.  In addition to learning lines, designing sets, and costuming, students are involved in choreography and blocking.  They are strongly encouraged to develop their character roles independently.  Past performances include West Side Story, Guys and Dolls, and The Music Man.

Mixed-Age Sessions

We occasionally hold mixed-age sessions.  These sessions range from a complete musical theater experience to a week-long music and theater games & workshops.  Click here to check our current schedule for any upcoming mixed-age sessions or camps.

Three-Ring families share our enthusiasm and help in costume gathering, line coaching and especially attendance on performance day!

Fund Raiser

Three  Ring  in  association  with  Church  of  the  Nativity is  fund-raising  for  a  more  permanent  lighting  system  for  the  Hall.  Contributions  are  tax-deductible  and  can  be  made  by  going  to  our  funding site:  gofundme.com/nzvzc8.

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